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Aluminum Bioclimatica Pergola,Retractable Awnings,Vertical Roller Awnings,Drop Arm Awning,Conservatory Awnings and Dutch Awnings

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Guangzhou Chenxiaodou Awning Technology Co., Ltd.

Chenxiaodou Awning Guangzhou Greenlang Awning Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, located in Panyu, Guangzhou, started exporting in 2006,it is one of the few domestic Awning accessories supplier and finished product manufacturer, currently has a professional outdoor There are many production lines for awning products. The company has multiple outdoor shading products Product series, production technicians are trained by foreign experts, and the overall technical The technology, performance and quality have reached European and American testing standards. The company's new factory now The room area is 6000 square meters, with 2000 square meters warehouse for storage Put all kinds of accessories and finished products. Under the current efficient and accurate warehouse management system,It is possible to distribute goods for customer orders in a short time.

The Chenxiaodou factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, implements standardized production management, introduces advanced assembly lines and production equipment, and has the most complete series of outdoor sunshade products in China. The overall technology, performance and quality of the main products have reached EU standards. It is currently the largest outdoor awning R&D and production base in South China. In order to better serve the domestic and international markets, Greenland will continue to carry out product technology innovation and considerate services to meet the needs of customers for customized outdoor sunshade products.

Chenxiaodou Awning LTD is the world-leading manufacturer of aluminum Bioclimatica Pergola,PVC Retractable Pergola,Retractable Awnings,Vertical Roller Awnings,Drop Arm Awning,Conservatory Awnings and Dutch Awnings.

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